Our Program

Treating Chronic Symptoms Naturally & Affordably

Our Program helps those suffering from chronic symptoms get the relief they need by providing access to

Our Mission

Our mission is simple ~ to help treat chronic symptoms naturally and affordably.


Why We Started 

In working closely with those who depend on CBD to help cope with serious conditions, we realized that the biggest hurdles were accessibility and affordability. Many need to take increased doses to help curb their symptoms and can’t afford the amounts they need on a monthly basis.  To make matters worse, many companies unfairly price gouge customers simply because they want to cash in on the green rush and have little interest in actually helping people.  

At O2 Wellness, we started reaching out to our customer base to see how we could help.  High quality product that works, easy accessibility and affordability were the top three requests. The Compassionate Use Program became a necessity because it will allow us to best serve those in need of natural, affordable remedies. Although our program is starting with hemp based products, we plan to partner with like minded business owners who will reserve high-quality products for our members at the best possible rates.

How It Works



Apply to the program (free) by filling in the quick questionnaire below.



We will review your circumstances and determine if you qualify (clients with the most pressing needs will get priority)



Once you are accepted, we will send you a welcome email and you will be assigned a support specialist for any help along the way. In addition, you will be given access to a special online shop where you can buy needed remedies at special program prices not offered anywhere else.


  • Being in the Compassionate Use Program is free and gives you access to purchase natural affordable remedies at the very best price when you want it and when you need it.
  • Get guidance from your support specialist regarding your situation while also getting help from the community for personalized care.
  • Never worry about waiting for a Black Friday, 4th of July or Holiday sale. Your health is too important and you should not have to make decisions based around arbitrary sales throughout the year.


Do I Qualify?

Similar to holistic medicine, we take your whole situation into consideration.  What issues you may be dealing with both medically and financially.  What lead you to seek out our organization?  Have you tried other things that did not work or worked well?

We want to get to know your story so that we can better help and work with you.  Just fill out the questionnaire. The more we know that better chances of qualifying.  We want to make product available to the folks who need it most as only 500 spots are open.

**We do have a strict rule of NO RESELLING PRODUCT.
We want the product to go directly to those who need it most.  If you are thinking about reselling, please do not apply.  Anyone caught reselling will be cancelled access to the program and receive a $500 fine.


The Compassionate Use Program is on a referral basis only as we do not advertise or promote to the public. Because there are a limited number of spots, we urge you to refer your family members or friends that could really benefit from this program on a monthly basis and get the help they need.

Want to Join Our Community?
Provide some information:

It’s free and easy – just complete the quick questionnaire below. We will review your circumstances and determine if you qualify. (Clients with the most pressing needs will get priority.)

If you are accepted, you’ll get a welcome email and be assigned a support specialist for any help along the way.

You will also be given access to a special online shop where you can buy needed remedies at Special Program prices not offered anywhere else.

All information is kept strictly confidential and secure.

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